KITE Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Metal Solutions

KITE Projects

KITE Projects work with metal materials to build site specific solutions including design, fabrication drawings and compliance evaluation for London Underground, Network Rail, and other infrastructure industries.

Peterborough Bridge Grilles
Gatwick Airport - Bespoke Galvanised Traffic Islands
Acton Maintenance Platform

Bespoke GRP Solutions

KITE Projects

KITE Projects work with GRP profiles and products to build non-conductive items that form part of the safer environment that we always work to achieve. GRP stairs, GRP handrails, GRP cabinet plinths and GRP Platform End Gates are all items that we can develop around your specific site requirements and deliver.

KITE Projects - KITE Bespoke GRP Drainage Cover
KITE Projects - Waterloo Station - Bespoke GRP Solution
KITE Projects - Preston Park Station - KITE Bespoke GRP Staircase