KITE Handrail

KITE Projects

We hold significant stock of mild steel handrail components and tube for immediate processing and despatch. We will cut tube to length to minimise site work and support with compliance paperwork to give re-assurance to ultimate clients.

KITE Projects Mild Steel Handrail - The Rosebowl
KITE Projects - Selsey Seafront - KITE Clamp Handrail
KITE Projects - Surbiton Power Station - KITE Clamp Handrail
KITE Projects

Here at KITE we work with Stainless Steel components and Tube to form handrails both for public facing purposes and for high corrosion environments.

KITE Projects - Shoreham - KITE Stainless Steel
KITE Projects Stainless Steel Handrail
KITE Projects - Wellington Barracks - KITE Stainless Steel

Handrail With Mesh Infill

KITE Projects

KITE Projects also manufacture Mesh infill panels to enhance the level of protection provided by handrail systems and to fulfil the specification requirements of a variety of industries.

KITE Projects - Heathrow Airport - Clamp and Mesh
KITE Projects - Twyford Moors - KITE Handrail with Mesh Infill
KITE Projects - Pebsham Recycling Centre - KITE Clamp Handrail with Mesh Infill

Powdercoated Handrail

Here at KITE we are able to arrange Powder Coating and Nylon coating of handrails, components and other metal work; our clients benefit from better outcomes when we use our experience in preparing these items for finishing.

KITE Projects Powdercoated Handrail
KITE Projects Powdercoated Handrail
KITE Projects - Cranbrook Station - KITE Powdercoated Handrail
KITE Projects

GRP Handrail

KITE Omega System – a high specification handrail designed to yield the stiffness and minimal deflection that our infrastructure workers have come to expect and deserve, this handrail system is built for superior resilience and sets the standard for GRP handrail in our transport networks. Not only is this system highly resilient, it is also fast to install due to the minimal number of components used to make up the system.

KITE Projects - Oxford-Bicester Line - KITE GRP Handrail
KITE Projects - Stonebridge Depot - KITE GRP Handrail
Oxford - Bicester GRP Handrail
KITE Projects