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KITE Retain

KITE Retain is designed to maximise the traditional King Post concept. This product is designed to maximise the effectiveness of retaining structures by utilising horizontal members that are formed to interlock with one another which will minimise the bleed through of retained material.

  • Creating sustainable solutions in response to environmental challenges

  • Resilient and low impact application  

  • Protecting the integrity of the built environment – for generations to come

The sections are open at the back which will enable retained material to blend into the steel profiles acting as a restraint to the members being lifted out. The profile will minimise the possibility of water being held within the sections too.

The use of metal means that the engineering resilience is very high giving at least 40 year life span increasing to 120 years by using thicker materials. The sections are designed to be well within a two man lift but the metallic nature of the infill lends itself to being lifted by magnetic lifting devices which will minimise lifting risks.

Each site will have engineering details checked and components supplied will recognise that different heights and soil conditions will require evaluating before confirming the appropriate sizes.

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