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KITE Step Brooklands, London


Challenging applications require a comprehensive approach. KITE Systems bring sustainable Access solutions which are designed to minimise environmental impact, whilst optimising user safety.

KITE Projects Iron Bridge, London

The original and best! KITE Step has become the preferred product for safe access on cuttings and embankments, where access is otherwise dangerous and threatening. Modular in principle, it is designed to be adjustable for installation purposes, but once installed it is a permanent provision with a design life of over 40 years.

KITE Refuge was designed originally to provide a safe place for people stranded on smart motorways. Drivers and passengers are encouraged to leave their vehicles, so offers a flexible system that can be installed roadside.

KITE Projects, CGI of refuge system
KITE Projects CGI of Safe Cross system

KITE Safe Cross takes KITE Step to a new level – highly adaptable it provides for members of the public to access the centuries old rights of way that have been traversed for years, but maximising the protection of people when adjacent to a railway or on railway property.

The KITE Handrail Clamp system is the ubiquitous choice – essential when installing barriers for either permanent or temporary applications. 

KITE_Projects_M4 installation of large handrail system

The KITE Step Walkway system is designed to enable infrastructure workers to continue their journey safely whilst working on the network. Designed for manual handling efficiencies and minimising the handling of bulk material, whilst providing a secure designated walkway.

How we keep networks moving

The product (KITE Step) is excellent and easy to install, all good feed back from my team and myself.’
Programme Manager – Network Rail.
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