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Eastleigh Depot

Design intent

To enhance the safety and working lives of the railway staff.


Safe and sustainable solution in a railway depot

Design reality

Our solutions comply to Network Rail and British Standard design protocols


The KITE Step Walkway system is designed to enable infrastructure workers to continue their journey safely whilst working on the network.

There was a need at Eastleigh Depot to enhance the safety of the staff working at the depot. The changes proposed included a compliant and safe walkway to protect the personnel at work, eliminating risks such as trip hazards whilst tasks are being undertaken.

KITE Projects rose to the challenge, with the design and supply of a fully compliant, safe, and sustainable walkway system. The walkways were installed to maximise the walking space, and, by using anti-slip GRP grating, decreased the risk of trips and falls.


“KITE Projects were engaged early on to help scope, design, assure, procure, deliver, and hand over an extensive package of steelwork for access/walkway safety improvements and a variety of novel engineering challenges.

Without their professional, diligent, and positive engagement, it would not have been possible to achieve so much in such a short period of time.”

Programme Manager, Network Rail

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