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Heathrow Terminal 5

Design intent

Work in harmony with the T5 traveller environment


Improving Heathrow’s resilience to weather and unforeseen events

Design reality

Protecting the integrity of the built environment – sustainably


KITE Kover is specifically designed for dual use loading for emergency vehicles together with special consideration for pedestrians, where there are high volumes of user traffic and footfall.

The design reality, is that resilience to de-icing substances is absolutely critical. The covers are built from 316 Stainless Steel with no other metals present, to enhance performance – especially at low-temperatures, where anti-freeze products and salt present a threat to longevity and material integrity.

Whilst protecting pedestrians from trip hazards, these covers are used to give access to a number of vital services that need protection, so each one is sealed using a neoprene gasket. Supporting structures under multi-cover areas, have also been supplied to meet the same performance objectives.

Project Gallery

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