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Mountbatten Velodrome

Design intent

Safe for users, safe for spectators


Continuous system, cost-effective and sustainable

Design reality

Protective barrier – understated to keep your eyes on the track!


KITE Handrail is the perfect system where continuous, non-obtrusive barrier constructions are required – in terms of creating a barrier or enabling access.

The Mountbatten Velodrome site demanded a continuous run construction that was in keeping with its environment, low-maintenance and offering minimum intrusion – a barrier, but not a barrier!

Ease of installation and simple application are key attributes for clients that demand a system that can be on site quickly. Modular in design across panels, clamps, fittings and handrails, KITE Handrail is a complete system that is formed in easy-to-handle sections to enable construction in the most complex of site terrains.

Project Gallery

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