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KITE Handrail

The KITE Handrail Clamp system is the ubiquitous choice – essential when installing barriers for either permanent or temporary applications. Designed for fast installation, often with no specialist equipment, the system forms an integral part of the KITE Step system, so the Handrail Clamp can be utilised as part of a larger project installation, or quite simply as a barrier.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Clamp system, you’re looking for KITE Handrail!

With increasing focus on dry construction methods and minimum use of concrete, the KITE Handrail Clamp system offers a sustainable solution, available in a variety of finishes to meet the client and location requirements, the modular system comes with a large and comprehensive range of components – from handrail tubing, fittings, barriers, as well as clamps.


KITE Projects is renowned for its attention to detail, design capability and focus on regulatory compliance, as well as its passion for safety. This brings quality assurance, so its no surprise that the KITE Handrail Clamp system can be found on major infrastructure projects, through to installations where safety is a pre-requisite to handrail specification and installation.

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