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Come on a journey with us!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The new KITE Projects logo

KITE Projects is launching its new brand identity ahead of Rail Live in June.

For us, it’s evolution and revolution: Evolution, by building on our heritage and our recognised name and mark for KITEStep, and Revolution, in framing a bigger proposition around the projects we get involved in.

In arriving at our brand concept, we’ve listened to the views of our clients and their construction community, who tell us we keep their projects on track and that we keep their networks moving – be that in rail, highways, or major projects.

After all your brand is formed in the minds of your customers. We’ll be bringing our brand to life over the coming weeks across all forms of our visual identity.

Join us at Rail Live on the 21st of June to see more, and to find out how ‘we keep your network moving’.


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