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Saving the ocean, one sip at a time

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

A picture of plastic in the ocean

It’s just three weeks until Rail Live! This year we are giving away a brand-new water bottle, so make sure to come and visit us at stand K6 to get yours!

Some of the exciting features of these bottles include:

  • Keeps drinks at the right temperature. Vacuum insulation with additional copper interlayer for 24 hours cold, 12 hours hot

  • Silicone carry handle.

  • Signature FOSH powder-coated surface finish for extra durability and 0.5mm thick outer wall

  • Made from 100% BPA-free, 304 grade 18/8 stainless steel construction.

  • Neck suitable for ice cubes

  • Outside of the bottle remains condensation-free & unaffected by internal temperature.

  • 72mm diameter bottle - fits car cup holders

Did you know that 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year? According to GOV.UK, ‘7.7 billion single-use water bottles are bought each year in the UK alone. That’s 116 bottles per person.’ To combat this, we have partnered with FOSH (For Our Seas Health), to give out sustainable water bottles to our customers and reduce plastic waste.

FOSH’s mission is "to provide luxury reusable alternatives to single-use items that inspire a healthy & sustainable lifestyle".

A keystone of their ethos is doing right by the environment and their focus is on the ocean. They have committed to various clean-up projects globally and have pledged to stop a tonne of non-recyclable plastic from reaching the ocean every year.

Why is it important we contribute to society? Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is the idea that a business should play a positive role through giving back to the community and contributing to society.

By collaborating with FOSH, we at KITE are playing our part in helping to create a sustainable environment which contributes to the greater good of our network and society around us. FOSH has partnered with CleanHub, to ensure that for every bottle sold, a minimum of 25 single-use plastic bottles will be prevented from reaching the ocean.

We expect to see you at our stand K6 to collect yours and we’d love some feedback on some new concepts we will have on display. We look forward to seeing you at Rail Live!


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