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What does engineering mean to you? | KITE Projects

What does engineering mean to you? KITE Projects LTD

What does engineering mean to you? You may think of science & maths, or maybe civil & mechanical engineering. The google definition of engineering is ‘the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.’

The team at KITE Projects came up with their own definitions of what engineering meant to them:

  • “Engineering is collaborating with a client to produce site deliverable solutions that fulfil their vision”.

  • “Engineering includes everything that takes place front end before a project gets to workshop. It can include desktop studies, feasibility studies, design considerations right through to the ultimate outcome”.

  • ‘’The application of principles and technologies to create solutions.’’

  • “Engineering is the collaboration of Innovation and Compliance taking a brief to reality, through a practice of using materials of natural science, mathematics, and the engineering design process to solve technical challenges, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve the mobility of the infrastructure, be it Rail, Highway, Marine (be it Inland or Offshore) & Energy of all types (Wind, Bio, Nuclear)”.

In its simplest form, the definition of engineering is ‘the application of science and maths to solve problems’. At KITE Projects, we provide solutions to your engineering challenges. We are passionate engineers, delivering solutions for Engineers and their communities. This applies to infrastructure related sectors – from rail to highways; from major projects to client-specific engineering challenges, where safe access and fully-compliant safety are paramount.

Collaborative Engineering is a theme we value here at KITE Projects. Working collaboratively is part of our culture. We are motivated and inspired by building an effective project climate, where our teams are aligned across the supply community, and where we’re committed to each other to deliver the project goals. The collaboration of engineers is key to the success of projects across all our infrastructure networks.

What does engineering mean to you? Contact us today to share your thoughts and collaborative engineering stories.


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