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The original and best! KITE Step has become the preferred product for safe access on cuttings and embankments, where access is otherwise dangerous and threatening. Modular in principle, it is designed to be adjustable for installation purposes, but once installed it is a permanent provision with a design life of over 40 years.

Key features:

  • Built predominantly from recycled metal, KITE Step is suitable for rail and highway networks

  • Design makes KITE Step re-deployable

  • Designed to deliver 5Kn /m in its structure

  • Available from 1200mm to 1800mm width

  • Foundation design could utilise small pocket foundations or screwpiles, so the impact on a slope is minimal for the structural resilience it delivers

  • Can be broken down into manually handleable components for ease of installation on site

  • Highly adaptable with other engineered walkway products

You can view more of our KITE Step videos here

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