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10 facts you didn't know about the London Underground | KITE Projects

London Underground tube sign - train network

Did you know that 55% of the London Underground is actually above the ground? Despite the name ‘Underground’, less than half of the transport system is actually in tunnel. The London Underground, otherwise known as the ‘Tube’, is an extensive network of rapid transport, serving the people of London with 11 lines and 272 stations.  Here are 10 facts you likely didn’t know about the London underground:

  1. Waterloo, London’s busiest station serves on average 100.3 million passengers per year.

  2. The average train speed on the network is 33kph.

  3. London underground is 161 years old, dating back to 1863 when it opened its first few stations.

  4. Approximately 19,000 people are employed by The Underground.

  5. The Tube handles up to five million passenger journeys each day.

  6. All 11 lines of the Underground total 402 kilometres, making it the eleventh longest metro system in the world.

  7. The shortest distance between two adjacent stations is only 260 metres.

  8. Angel station has the longest escalator on the London Underground at 60m long.

  9. The fastest train speed reaches 62mph.

  10. Only 45% of ‘The Underground’ is actually under the ground.

Next time you travel on the Tube, remember the extensive network that makes it up, every station, platform & train, and each intricate detail that helps to keep London’s network moving, allowing you to reach your destination on time.


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