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Network Rail's objectives for CP7

Sun rising over train on tracks - network rails objectives for CP7

As the sun sets on Control Period 6 (CP6), the rail industry gears up for an exciting new chapter: Control Period 7 (CP7). Spanning from 2024 to 2029, CP7 promises transformative changes, ambitious goals, and a commitment to shaping the future of rail travel in the United Kingdom. This post expands upon Network Rail's objectives for CP7.

What is CP7?

On the 1st April 2024, the next five year funding cycle will begin for the UK’s rail network. This timeframe is known as CP7, or Control Period 7 and will last from April 2024 until March 2029. Throughout CP7, Network Rail will work to deliver plans in maintenance, operations, and renewals of track infrastructure across the UK.

What are Network Rail’s Key Objectives?

CP7 is more than just a five-year investment plan; it’s a blueprint for a greener, more efficient, and passenger-centric railway. With a staggering budget of over £44 billion, Network Rail aims to address critical challenges, enhance performance, and create a sustainable rail network. The key objectives include:

  • Reducing delays by 20%: CP7 aims to minimize disruptions, ensuring smoother journeys for passengers and freight alike.

  • Supporting freight growth: CP7 promises an increase of freight capacity by 30%.

  • Carbon emission reduction: Network Rail aim to cut carbon emissions by 70% during this period.

  • A fatality-free railway: Safety remains paramount. CP7 strives for zero fatalities, emphasizing robust safety protocols, risk management, and continuous improvement.

So what does this mean for you?

CP7 promises significant impacts on daily passengers using the rail network in England and Wales. Network Rail's objectives for CP7 will mean for you:

  • Smoother train services & better maintenance – meaning reduced disruptions for you on your journey.

  • Safety standards enhancement – meaning everyone using the rail network will benefit from a safer environment and working conditions.

  • Service reliability – more reliable train services mean a better travel service for you, allowing you to get to your destination on time.

  • Environmental sustainability – as Network Rail work towards a greener railway, the public will benefit from reduced environmental impact and a more sustainable transport system.


CP7 lays down tracks not just for today, but for the future. Network Rail will continue to deliver their plans for a more efficient railway for Britain, living the themes of ‘protecting your network’ and ‘collaborative engineering’, as they work to reach their commitments. CP7 brings new opportunities for new safe and sustainable solutions to be delivered to the railway industry, helping to ‘keep your network moving’.


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