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5 ways National Highways contributed to Social Value | KITE Projects

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What is social value? National Highways states that, ‘Social value is the sum of the benefits that we - and our supply chain partners - deliver for people, environment and the economy.’ For a business, this is defined through any positive impact they may leave on the wider community and society through their actions.

Here are 5 ways that National Highways have contributed to social value:

  1. Improving students’ interview skills - A19 North East: the A19 project team got together with students and gave them feedback on their interview skills, to help them succeed in finding employment.

  2. Supporting local business - A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon: whilst the 12.5-mile bypass was under construction, National Highways encouraged their contractors to support the local economy by using small businesses where possible.

  3. Cleaning up the beach - A27 Arundel Bypass:  a group of volunteers from National Highways and their supply chain partners undertook litter picking along the Arundel shoreline.

  4. Giving back to the community – M6 J10: the team donated £2,500 to a scheme which supplies free interview training and employment preparation, ensuring that the community get a chance of employment in their future.

  5. Community wellbeing – A46 Binley Junction: the team worked together to give back to the community, including 453 people hours devoted to supporting the community, 196 hours spent supporting educational activities and 940 hours spent protecting and improving the environment.

For further reading on Social Values & National Highways, check out their article:

National Highways have recognised the importance of contributing to Social Value to enhance our community and society. They focus on the four foundations of their social value framework: economic prosperity, community wellbeing, improving the environment and equality, diversity & inclusion.

Here at KITE Projects, we wholeheartedly support the importance of giving to social value, and contributing to the greater good. Our purpose ‘keeping your network moving’ is all about contributing to society and connecting communities through our safe and sustainable engineering solutions.

What does social value mean to you? Give us a call at 01962886290 to share your opinions, and experience our core value of collaborative engineering, which is proven to be a successful approach to develop winning solutions to your engineering challenges.


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