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Are your Access Points Safe?

Updated: Feb 23

2 railway workers using KITE Step railkway access point

Safety. A value so important, but one that many take for granted. One slip, one fall is all it takes for injuries or much worse to happen. It is crucial for our communities and organisations to work together to create a safe environment for everyone in our network. This leads us to an essential question, are your access points safe?

Every company has an obligation to ensure its employees can get to work and back home safely. But it’s not just safety at the workplace, it’s also the safety of how we get to and from our workplaces. This is where it is important to have safe access points, providing a safe route down embankments to railway tracks or highways.

So what makes a safe access point? Your answer is KITE Step, the safe, compliant access solution. The modular steel system is designed with an open mesh stair tread with a slip resistant ‘octopus’ nosing. The open mesh GRP grating resists the build up of debris and minimises danger in freezing conditions.

close up of GRP grating with anti slip tread, used to create safe access points

This is an innovative advance on wooden steps that can rot, or concrete steps which can lead to the build-up of debris, both presenting the serious risk of injury of slipping and falling for all users of the steps.

At KITE Projects, ‘Protecting your Network’ is a state of mind, demonstrated by ‘bigger thinking to make bigger impacts’. Access is about how we insure all people are protected when using our installations, by creating solutions that consider the full spectrum of users – from workers active on infrastructure projects, through the local communities that live alongside. We protect your network through the design and supply of safe & sustainable access point solutions.

Are your access points safe? If you know of, or need a safe and compliant access point on your network, then give us a call at 01962 886290. We’d be more than happy to help with your needs or requirements!

A safe access point - the KITE Step at Iron bridge


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