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Aviation: Keeping your network moving | KITE Projects

Man walking in Terminal 5, Heathrow airport. KITE Projects - keping your network moving

January. It’s the month in the year when you may be looking at, or booking holidays for the summer. Will it be sunny Spain? A luxurious visit to the Maldives? Or will you take a trip to the fascinating country of France this year?

Wherever your chosen location, it is likely that you will travel through an airport to reach your destination. As you travel through the airport, do you even notice the handrails, tree pit covers, structural architecture & the other impressive, high quality engineered assets within the building?

Think of the number of engineers collaborating to design & build a vast network such as an airport. According to, it took 60,000 people to build Terminal 5 alone. That’s impressive! Collaborative engineering, a theme valued here at KITE, has been shared and displayed by those working together at Heathrow and airports across the world.

With 19.4 million passengers flying out of Heathrow in just one year, it is so important to maintain a safe airport environment to keep the network moving. Each and every asset needs to be maintained to a high standard to ensure a safe journey for each passenger.

Some of these assets include:

  • Guardrails and handrails – maintain segregation and protect people from vehicles.

  • Ramps – these are important in assisting the less able & parents with young children in pushchairs.

  • Tree pit covers – these are key in preventing trips & falls as passengers make their way through the airport.

Close up of the terminal 5 Tree pit covers at Heathrow - KITE Projects

Combined, each individual asset makes up our network. Be it an airport, or train station, it is important to keep these networks moving, ensuring the passengers can navigate through and allowing you to reach your destination on time.

This is where KITE Projects plays its role. At KITE Projects, our focus is on ensuring your work achieves its objectives. We supply safe and sustainable solutions to your engineering challenges. Our mission is to keep your network moving, whilst making the world a safer place.

Want to find out more about how we can keep your network moving? A team member from KITE will be attending the MAG Meet the Buyer event at Manchester Airport on the 21st of March. Come along! Join us and have a conversation about how we can help your airport projects meet their deadlines on time. We will be happy to talk!

Fountains at terminal 5 Heathrow airport - KITE Projects


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