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Contributing to the distinctive look and feel of our biggest airport

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Image of a train travelling at speed in the sunshine

You’ve just landed in London, England after a long flight from across the world. You step off the plane and enter one of the busiest airports in the world, Terminal 5, of London Heathrow. It is busy, with people rushing past to get to their destinations, announcements being made over the loudspeaker, and families reuniting. You slow down and take a look up at the impressive fountains then look down and note the quality of the engineering. The unique atmosphere and design of the terminal building is a result of the collaboration between a team of highly qualified British engineers, ensuring you feel welcomed to England.

Did you know that the majority of customers traveling through Heathrow are infrequent travellers? Their first steps outside the terminal building at T5 are being taken over high-quality sustainable engineering – The Pit covers!

KITE Kover makes an aesthetic contribution to the distinctive look and feel of any public environment, and was designed in this instance to reinforce Heathrow’s unique look and feel. The covers are not only designed for aesthetics, but also to withstand fire engine wheel loading in the event of an emergency, and to give fast and efficient access to the services beneath in the few quiet hours available to the engineering teams that keep the Heathrow network moving.

The team here at KITE Projects collaborated with Tier 1 and Installation contractors to engineer and provide a solution to Heathrow’s situation.

The outcome? 530 covers were replaced in Terminal 5 Plaza, all designed and supplied by KITE. With each cover that was replaced, the potential trip hazard was removed, and the safety of all passengers and workers at Heathrow increased.

Heathrow’s vision is ‘To give passengers the best airport service in the world’. This service starts from your first steps into the airport, to the moment you reach your destination safely. KITE’s contribution to this vision was by ensuring that the passenger’s journey through the airport was made safe by providing the covers.

Here at KITE, we are pleased to have contributed to the greater good by protecting the Heathrow community and network, and helping to welcome new travellers on their first steps into England.


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