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Back on Track: How Network Rail Restored the Railway After Storms Babet & Ciarán Tore through the UK

Updated: Jan 23

Image of a train travelling at speed in the sunshine

A large population of the UK can recall Storms Babet and Ciarán that tore across Britain in late October and early November, wreaking havoc and leaving widespread destruction in their midst. Many of you were likely impacted by the storms in some way, whether your travels were cut short, your property was flooded or damaged, or your power was down.

But were you aware of the impact that stormy weather has on the railway? Storms can bring high winds, cause flooding or landslips and cause significant disruption to the rail infrastructure.

  • Flooding – high water levels can bring delays to the train services, as some are cancelled to the blockage in the lines. Flooding can also wash away the ballast under the track, making the lines unsafe until they have been re-laid.

  • High winds – strong winds can blow trees onto the track, damaging trains, overhead lines or blocking the lines.

  • Landslips – landslips are caused by the high levels of water that washes away the embankments, leaving risks and dangers of train derailments.

Network Rail worked hard around the clock to repair the damage that occurred to the railway during the storms. This involved collaboration with their own engineers and railway contractors to clear the debris, repair overhead lines, and develop a recovery plan to get the rail network back on track.

Want to read more about how stormy weather affects the railway? Discover more on Network Rail’s article here:

By providing safe and efficient access solutions, KITE Projects plays a vital role in helping Network Rail keep their network moving, even in the face of challenging weather conditions. Our work ensures that Network Rail can carry out necessary repairs and maintenance swiftly and safely, minimizing disruption to services and ensuring the resilience of the UK’s railway infrastructure.

Our concept of Sustainable Engineering considers for future resilience by resolving challenges through a collaborative approach. Give us a call at 01926 886290 to discover more about how we can keep your network moving.


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