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Design intent to design reality

design intent to design reality

We are passionate engineers, delivering solutions for Engineers and their communities. This applies to infrastructure related sectors – from rail to highways; from major projects to client-specific engineering challenges, where safe access and fully-compliant safety are paramount.

We inspire and are inspired by safe and sustainable engineering. Our mission is to keep your network moving, whilst making the world a safer place.

Design intent to design reality - what does this mean to you?

At KITE Projects, we try to place ourselves in our clients’ shoes, by understanding their world, and the challenges they face. By being values led and proactive in our approach, our clients find we ‘fill the gap’ between the visualisation of ideas, and the final product solution on site.

This requires ‘big picture’ thinking. On a strategic level, it means ensuring we align with your priorities and objectives. It demands an understanding of the wider context in which you operate, your key drivers and the results you are trying to achieve.

It also means having a different kind of conversation. It demands a collaborative mindset and requires going beyond compliance or fabrication – so that together, we can create solutions that benefit our users and communities, in ways that are sustainable and reap rewards over the long term.

We have a simple mantra: "We draw what we can build. We build what we draw."

To make this work, we strive for early involvement to build partnering behaviours and ways of working together, that add value across all stages of the design, manufacturing, and installation processes. By aligning our objectives, we drive to make these tangible efficiencies to ensure we deliver effective solutions with you and for you.

What does this look like on the ground?

We are able to do this by asking, “How can we move from design intent to design reality?”

Through collaboration and being client-oriented, our approach has taken us across multiple sectors, and our product solutions can be found delivering numerous applications. These solutions are often location specific, and our innovation comes from understanding the real needs at the heart of the problem or the requirements.

How does it add value to you?

We aim to add value through insight, which can be gained through ground investigation and topographical surveys. By gaining a stronger understanding of the site characteristics, we are better able to apply our design and draughting capabilities, to create solutions that are fabricated and finished to meet site parameters, and that can be installed in ways to minimise environmental impact.

By working with KITE Projects, you can reduce the gap between your design intent and design reality.


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