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Engineering with different materials for a sustainable environment

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Fire. Whether it’s a fire in a home, workplace, public facility, or a wildfire, they are all devastating to watch. Witnessing the destruction of your personal belongings or a beautiful landscape being eaten up by a crackling orange monster is truly horrifying.

According to, in the year ending March 2022, there were 152,608 fires in the UK. To prevent future disasters, engineers need to collaborate and reevaluate the materials that go into building people’s homes, workplaces, and public facilities. Its now 6 years since the Grenfell disaster and the subject of flammable materials is still important to us.

Steel is considered to be a fire-resistant material, therefore a popular alternative to the current building materials. Read the article below to learn more about building greater fire resistance by using steel.

KITE Projects use steel for its high strength, durability, and long service life. Steel is the most popular construction material, is fully recyclable, and has an average life of approximately 40 years. Using steel means our products are fire resistant and will stand strong for many years!

The action of using steel contributes towards a greener future and a sustainable environment for all of our community, network, and future generations.


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