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Safety & Innovation: Risk Mitigation in Infrastructure Projects

Two men wearing hi vis and hard hats undertaking a risk assesment on construction site.

Risk. It’s such a major factor in all infrastructure projects today. There are so many possible elements of risk in a project; failing to meet project objectives, projects not meeting their deadlines, somebody getting injured, project cost overrun…the list goes on. While many of these potential hazards may keep project managers awake at night, these risks can be mitigated with the right strategies in place. With safety and innovation, risk mitigation can be implemented throughout all infrastructure projects.

The safety of your workplace or network is a big factor in reducing elements of risk. Network Rail recognise the risks associated with the day-to-day work that takes place in the rail network. Their safety vision ‘everyone home safe everyday’, states that; “There is no choice to be made between safety and reliability. World-class railways deliver both, day in, day out.”

By using these three main principles; Safety into practice, safety in leadership & measuring performance, Network Rail ensure that ‘by delivering on our commitments we will achieve safe and outstanding performance’. This promises safer railways for the UK, reducing potential risks for everyone utilising the network.

KITE Step system up an embankment to railway. A safe route to the tracks.

Here at KITE Projects, our innovative approach to designing and supplying bespoke engineering solutions enables effective risk mitigation in your projects. We help to reduce the risks associated with infrastructure projects by engineering safe access systems. Our products are designed to decrease the risk in your projects, increasing the safety of workers by allowing them to access difficult-to-reach locations, such as an access point to the track.

The KITE Step system is a popular alternative to traditional embankment steps made with wood or concrete. Build from high strength metal, this modular system offers a safer route to the track with its open mesh stair tread and slip resistant nosing. The open mesh grating resists the build-up of ice & debris, reducing the risk of someone slipping and injuring themselves.

By undertaking design work, we help to reduce risk by planning ahead. Having detailed drawings & designs ahead of time can prevent the likelihood of having issues onsite.  

Coupled with design work, having a site survey done prior to the project start date can minimize the risk of project overrun and installation delays. A site survey can identify any hurdles or obstacles in the ground layout onsite, which might interfere with the installation of systems. These obstacles can include tree roots or power lines which will need avoiding. Whilst the survey is of utmost importance, it must be followed through with detailed, expert design.

These themes of safety and mitigating risk all contribute to the bigger picture of getting “everyone home safe everyday”. At KITE Projects, ‘Protecting your Network’ is all about the safety of everyone in our network, and working to reduce any risks that may cause implications to yourself or your projects. We protect your network through the design and supply of safe & sustainable access point solutions.



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