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Enhancing station safety with KITE Platform

KITE Platform - station platform extention

Did you know that the people of Britain are most likely to choose to travel long-distance by train over car or plane than any other country in the world?

The study, carried out by SavantaComes, found that 46% of Londoners prefer to travel long-distance by train, compared to 41% by car and just 10% via short haul flights. With these statistics in mind, it’s no wonder that the platform of a train station is one of the busiest areas on the UK’s rail network.

Let’s remember that many of our railway stations have been with us a long time. So, with changing commuter patterns and evolving train design, it’s no surprise there is an emerging need for rail platforms to be made longer to meet passenger transport needs. KITE Projects are pleased to provide a solution for these emerging needs.

KITE Platform is designed and installed using modular building techniques. KITE Platform is the answer when creating ‘temporary’ access platforms, or building platforms without the time-consuming, labour intensive and expensive traditional methods.

  • KITE Platform design includes platform end gates, rear of platform fencing which considers for crowd loading and end of platform steps.

  • Design can also include Secondary Means of Escape using proprietary KITE system.

  • Utilises galvanised steel for structural trestles to maximise design life – at least 50 years for the structure.

  • DDA Access can also be interfaced with the platform system

  • Designed specifically to CIV/DWG/3900

KITE Projects are pleased to contribute to a safer environment with this product. KITE Platform allows passengers and station workers alike to go about their day safely, enabling them to ‘get home safe every day’.

Are you, or someone you know in need of a solution in your station platform projects? Give one of the team a call on 01962886290 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements!


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