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Nuclear Power | Contributing to a Sustainable Environment

Nuclear power station sustainable envrironment KITE Pe

“Biggest expansion of nuclear power for 70 years to create jobs, reduce bills and strengthen Britain’s energy security.” On the 11th of January this year, the government released an article outlining plans for an expansion of nuclear power in the UK, to contribute towards a sustainable environment. You can have a further read of this article here.

The ‘Civil Nuclear Roadmap’ sets out how the UK will ‘increase generation of this homegrown supply of clean, reliable, and abundant energy by up to 4 times to 24 gigawatts (GW) by 2050’. Plans include exploring options for a new power station as big as Hinkley or Sizewell, and investing up to £300 million in UK production of the fuel required to power high-tech new nuclear reactors.

The proposed developments to nuclear power by the government all contribute to a Sustainable Environment. Nuclear energy plays a significant role in promoting sustainability as it has low carbon emissions, low carbon footprint and produces minimal waste.

Working to embrace sustainability goals is key for us at KITE Projects. With scrutiny on the construction industry for its sustainability credentials, the team at KITE Projects is continuously developing sustainable approaches to its services, and environmentally friendly attributes to its products.

Whether it is supplying handrail, or providing a KITE Step, we at KITE Projects are proud to contribute to the safety of the nuclear power stations, allowing locations such as Sizewell or Hinkley to continue to contribute to the greater good.


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