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Road Safety in Bloom: National Highways’ Advice for Spring Travel

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The first signs of spring are beginning to emerge! You may have noticed daffodils blooming on the verges at the roadside, trees beginning to blossom & bud, and let’s be real, we’ve all enjoyed the rare days with blue skies and slightly warmer temperatures that we’ve had recently! However, despite this, the cold frosty mornings are quick to remind us that winter hasn’t finished with us just yet.  

National Highways warn us to ‘remain vigilant on the roads and be prepared for the various weather conditions & challenges of the season’ as we head into spring. As temperatures remain low, ice can remain a danger to those on the road. Unpredictable spring showers can cause flooding and make the roads slippery. The low spring sun can create glare, especially during sunrise and sunset.

To assist the public in having safer journeys, National Highways use the acronym TRIP. This stands for:

  • Top up – fill up fuel, check your oil and screen-wash, ensure you’re charged.

  • Rest – every 2 hours.

  • Inspect – your tyre tread and pressure.

  • Prepare – for the weather.

These initiatives of ‘Protecting your Network’ all contribute to the bigger picture of keeping everyone safe on the road. The safety vision of National Highways helps to ‘keep your network moving’ allowing you to get to your destination on time.  

Are you travelling somewhere this spring? Stay informed and drive safe, lets make our roads safer for everyone!


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