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Why is Mental Health Important?

Importance of mental healh

Why is mental health important? With Mental Health Awareness week being this week, we are focusing on the need for and importance of good mental wellbeing.

Mental health impacts on our thoughts, actions, and interactions, meaning it strongly affects our daily lives; and can determine how we make healthy choices, handle stress and how we think or feel.

Stress is a key factor in causing many mental health issues. High stress levels can cause mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. Working with some of our clients we have learnt that planning and programming are two key factors that can mitigate stress in the working environment.

Here at KITE, we strongly believe in sharing successful concepts. We have proved that clients who; utilise longer budget cycles and plan work-banks to instruct design work well in advance of on-site requirements, reduce stress, have better relationships, and deliver more within a budget period.

We call this ‘collaborative engineering’ and it is one of our underlying themes that we apply to every conversation. Our strapline is ‘Keeping your network moving’ another theme that is designed to give our clients a supportive experience. These corporate behaviours will help everyone involved to work together better and relieve our busy and demanding lives of chaotic working which impacts ourselves and those around us.

So how do we at KITE help with your mental health? The answer is simple, through collaborative engineering! We work with you to make your projects easier, reducing stress levels as we plan so far ahead into the future of your project.

‘Early contractor involvement (ECI) is an approach to contracting that supports improved team working, innovation and planning to deliver value for money. It involves an integrated contractor and designer team, appointed under an incentivised, two-stage contract.’ (

The team at KITE use ECI to engage with our clients early in the project lifespan, starting right from the design stage, and collaborating to ensure there is a mutual agreement to the project schedule.

Our forward planning approach means that you are more in control of your work, reducing any stress and anxieties relating to your projects, and boosting your mental health!


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