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Why should you use steel in your engineering projects?

why use steel in your engineering projects? close up of steel

Steel. You might think, ‘just another piece of metal!’, but did you know it’s the second most consumed raw material in the world? After oil, steel is the most popular material globally. It’s everywhere, across all industries, from the beams in your construction projects, to the washing machine in your house. You probably come in contact with it on a daily basis without even realising!

Steel is chosen for its high strength, versatile and cost-effective properties, and is becoming increasingly popular in the infrastructure industry for use in railways, highways, transportation, and construction organisations, just to name a few!

With its high usage rate, steel needs to be able to withstand extreme forces, temperatures, and weather conditions. The answer to this is galvanising, ‘the process of applying a protective zinc coating to iron or steel, to prevent rusting.’

Advantages to undertaking this process include:

  • Durability. An average galvanized coating can protect a steel structure for up to 100 years.

  • Sustainability. The process of galvanizing steel has a low carbon impact, and 100% of galvanized steel can be recycled.

  • Cost-effective. Steel is often less expensive than other metals.

  • Fast turnaround time. With the right communication, it is possible to get steel galvanised within 24 hours.

Read the article below to learn more about the properties of steel:

Here at KITE Projects, we use steel for its high-strength, durable properties, and long design-life, ensuring our systems can withstand extreme conditions, such as weather and temperature. Our products prove to be a sustainable, safe solution to enhancing the handrail and access requirements of workers and members of the public alike. By using steel, we ensure that our systems stand strong and resilient for years to come!


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