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In Focus: Heathrow Terminal 5

Close up of a pit hole cover in Terminal 5, Heathrow. KITE Kover

Did you know that on average, Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport sees around 90,000 customers through it in the space of one day? With the high number of daily passengers, it takes the collaboration of many engineers to keep T5 running smoothly. In fact, over 60,000 people were involved in the construction of this terminal.

KITE Projects are pleased to have contributed to this effort with the design and supply of the T5 pit covers. Heathrow needed a solution to the potential trip hazards that were present in the terminal’s plaza. Our team collaborated with Tier 1 and Installation contractors to engineer and provide a solution to Heathrow’s situation.

The outcome? 530 covers were replaced in Terminal 5 Plaza, all designed and supplied by KITE. With each cover that was replaced, trip hazards were removed, and the safety of all passengers and workers at Heathrow increased.

Water fountains and KITE Kover (pit hole covers) at Heathrow Terminal 5.

 KITE Kover makes an aesthetic contribution to the distinctive look and feel of any public environment, and in this instance, the design reinforced Heathrow’s unique sense of place. The design reality is that resilience to de-icing substances is absolutely critical, to prevent the metal from corrosion and buckling. The covers are built from 316 Stainless Steel with no other metals present to enhance performance – especially at low temperatures, where anti-freeze products and salt present a threat to the product quality and lifespan.

KITE Projects are proud have contributed to the greater good by protecting the Heathrow community and network; preserving pedestrians from trip hazards, and enhancing the unique look & feel of Terminal 5.

Ready to explore more? Contact us today to learn about our latest projects, bespoke engineered designs, and how we’re shaping the future of airport safety.


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