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National Highways; 'Little Changes, Change Everything'

KITE Projects Handrail, overlooking a busy motorway. National Highways safe driving.

‘Little changes, change everything’; this is National Highways latest campaign, directed at drivers as a reminder of the small changes that can make the roads safer for everyone. National Highways states that, “By making little changes when you drive, you can make a big difference to reducing congestion, avoiding collisions and making journeys safer”.

The two main themes of this campaign are tailgating and middle-lane hogging. Lane hogging is a behaviour likely to cause motorists and riders to feel frustrated, whilst tailgating will make them feel stressed or unsafe.

  • Middle-lane hogging: when motorists remain in a middle lane longer than necessary. This can disrupt traffic flow and is dangerous, causing congestion and increasing the risk of a collision. When traffic conditions allow, drivers are advised to drive in the left-hand lane.

  • Tailgating: driving too close to the car in front can be dangerous. It can reduce your reaction time and increase the risk of a collision. Drivers are advised to leave a safe gap, by keeping at least two seconds behind the vehicles in front.

You can read more about their campaign here.

Making changes such as these can transform road users’ journeys. By keeping left and staying at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front, you can help to reduce congestion and collisions. This contributes to National Highways objective; ‘We manage and improve the strategic road network to make journeys safer, smoother, and more reliable. Our priorities are safety, customers, and delivery.’

Everyone must play their part to make our road network a safer place to be. KITE Projects are pleased to contribute to the safety of road users & highway workers through our safe and innovative access products.

The collaboration of many people to create safer roads helps to keep the road network moving. Reducing the risk of collisions and congestions means that you can get to your destinations safely, and on time.  


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