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Risks of Flooding | Sustainable Environment

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It’s that chilly time of year when you may enjoy going to the coast, wrapped up warm for a brisk walk up and down the cliff paths. Or maybe you’d rather spend a more relaxing morning walking along the seafront, and stopping to buy fish & chips for lunch. Whichever your preferred option, are you aware of the 1.9 million homes in England at risk of coastal flooding and erosion?

With the amount of rain and storms that have soaked England within the last month, it’s no wonder that recent headlines are reading; ‘Portsea Island: Thousands of homes at 'immediate risk' of flooding’ and ‘Multi-million pound scheme will protect the coasts’. According to, the 2023/24 storm season has been far more active than usual, with ten named storms compared to only two storms within the 2022/23 season.

Environment Agency have worked with local authorities to introduce a Shoreline Management Plan. This approach is to help manage the risks of flooding and erosion around England’s coasts and will help make decisions on:

  • Building and maintaining sea defences

  • Implementing coastal change adaption plans

  • Creating and restoring coastal habitats

  • Local authority development plans and decisions

Environment Agency work to protect and improve the environment, and support sustainable development. Their aim is to ‘promote sustainable solutions to environmental problems to increase the social and economic value of the natural environment.’

Here at KITE Projects, we welcome a sustainable approach to engineering products. We wholeheartedly agree with Environment Agency in promoting a better environment, proven through one of our themes, Sustainable environment. With scrutiny on the construction industry for its sustainability credentials, KITE Projects is continuously developing sustainable approaches to its services, and environmentally friendly attributes to its products.

An example of our environmentally friendly products is our Control service. Managing environmental factors have never been more in focus. KITE Systems offer sustainable engineering solutions for challenging conditions, such as the increased risk of flooding. Our Retain and Headwall products offer a fresh, innovative solution for your drainage and retention needs.

We inspire and are inspired by safe and sustainable engineering. Our mission is to keep your network moving, whilst making the world a safer place. And as you walk along the seafront, remember that KITE offer a full design and supply solution for handrails and guardrails in steel and stainless steel.

Give us a call at 01962886290 to discuss your drainage needs in your projects!


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